All Infrastructure for Water Supply, Temporary/Permanent Toilet, Cess Pool, Night Soil disposal, Water Pouch, Cleaner, Supervisor, Signages

⇨ District sanitation Cell

Overall monitoring, supervision, supply of Sanitation materials, Temporary SLWM/BIO GUARD SPRAY


Arrangement and deployment of Sweeper/PNC/Supervisor, Logistic Support

⇨ District Branding Cell

Directional Signages at all locations

1. Number of toilets constructed by PHED

Nature of Toilet Gangasagar Mela 2019 GangaSagar Mela 2020
Temporary Toilet 7922 8082
Semi Permanent Toilet 913 1509
Total 8835 9591

Other than these there are toilets on behalf of GBDA/PS/GP 45 Nos. of Mobile Toilet Units (450 seats) will be deployed along the beachside.

2. Point wise detailed plan for 19 no of points including Buffer zones received from PHE

3. At all points there will be adequate staffs for monitoring Sanitation and water supply related work under the guidance of an Assistant Engineer.

4. Total 3971 Sweeper/cleaner/scavengers to be deployed. A no of 431 Supervisors will be deployed to monitor them. These supervisors will be accompanied by 1000 nos. of Female PNC/Halla Party. All works will be supervised by the Assistant Engineers and officials deployed from Blocks. (No. of sweepers/cleaner @ 15:1 no. of supervisors will be deployed. SAE/Other Officers at all locations are already trained)

5. PHED will separately deploy 100 Special Cleaners.

6. At all locations there will be a maintenance Team from PHE

7. Cleaning Team will work round the clock. Training of all persons will be organized for all location on 08.01.2020

8. There will be Special Cleaning operation from 24th December Onwards on weekly basis.

9. Jacket, Apron, Lathi, whistle, shovel, cap, hand racker, broom stick, i-card, face mask etc will be distributed point wise. Big Dustbin. Movable big dustbin, medium dustbin etc will also be distributed point wise.

10. This time District is taking all steps towards Eco Friendly GangaSagar2020all out efforts are being taken up involving NGOs,Local Shopkeepers,Vendors,Volunteers etc. An expert Organization KNOWLEDGE LINK has been deployed for Community level Triggering and Mobilization. Team of Volunteers are being formed locationwise and trained.

11. Avoiding Single use Plastic & promotion of Eco-friendly materials to be ensured.An NGO SABUJ SANGHA is working with GBDA and District administration with 200 Volunteers.

12. 07 nos. Temporary Solid Waste management unit @ Sagar(3 units), Chemaguri (1)Kachuberia(1), Lot 8(1) &Namkhana (1) finalized to set up by expert NGO (AMRA SUSHAMA JALAPRAPAT).

13. 30 Nos. E carts to carry solid waste.

14. Bio Guard Spray on all wastes and Toilets to avoid Air Pollution and waste degradation.

15. Adequate water supply is being ensured by PHE at all locations and at Pilgrim Sheds. Water Pouches will be ensured and NGOs are identified who will distribute adequate water pouches to pilgrims.

16. Quick response Team at all locations by PHE engineers to address any Water Supply and Sanitation related problem.