Every year, on Makar Sankranti day, an ocean of pilgrims gathers here to take a dip at the confluence of the River Ganga and the Bay of Bengal and offer prayers in the Kapil Muni Temple. The Gangasagar Mela, West Bengal signifies bliss, virtue and sanctification.Since early sunrise, pilgrims take a dip into the sacred water to purify their souls daring the cold. They worship Lord Surya and perform Tarpan rituals in the names of their ancestors. The striking puja rituals performed by Gangasagar Mela Naga Sadhus can give you goose bumps.Devotees also perform Maha Puja and Yagna at Kapil Muni Temple on the day of Makar Sankranti. You will forever cherish the sights & sounds of chanting mantras, exquisite evening aarti and numerous lighted lamps floating across the river at the mela.

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