The Bajrang Parishad, an NGO based at Gangasagar, helps the pilgrims who get lost by providing them with food and a comfortable bed on the island. They make constant announcements through loudspeakers in regional languages to reconnect them with their families.

Many of them are old and do not have phone numbers or addresses. All they can do is wait desperately for someone to pick them up. It is a heart-breaking sight, especially considering that a lot of the pilgrims have been intentionally abandoned by family members. Many elderly persons are given instructions to wait in a certain place by a family member, but they never return.

As a result, the administration will continue its innovative initiative "Parichay"—a QR Wristband for pilgrims' convenience—this year in 2023 to reduce lost and found cases. The bands will be offered to elders & minors free of charge at buffer zones to keep track of them. In cases of lost and found, volunteers can retrieve their information from the wristbands and enter it into the database to reunite them with their lost companions during Mela days.

Visit Lost and Found Portal
GANGA SAGAR MELA GROUND - 2023 Name of Installation Place Facility Area Contact No.
Gangasagar Mela Ground Lost & Found Camp (Near Info Tower) STD+WIFI Sagar 03210-240853
Gangasagar Mela Ground Lost & Found Camp (Near Road 3) STD+WIFI Sagar 03210-240854
Gangasagar Mela Ground Lost & Found Camp (Near Temple) STD+WIFI Sagar 03210 240855
Gangasagar Mela Ground Lost & Found Camp STD+WIFI Sagar 03210-240856
Chemaguri Mela lost & Found Camp STD+WIFI Chemaguri 03210-222405
Kachuberia Mela Lost & Found Camp STD+WIFI Kachuberia 03210-257805
Lot-8 Mela Lost & Found Camp STD+WIFI Lot-8 03210-257906
Namkhana Mela Ground Lost & Found Camp WIFI STD+WIFI Namkhana 03210-244904