The Sagar Beach

The Sagar Beach is located on the tip of the Sagardwip, which is popularly known as Gangasagar to most pilgrims across the world. The beach is flooded with lakhs of tourists every year as they make their way to Sagardwip for a holy dip in the Ganges. Apart from being part of an iconic religious pilgrimage, the pristine beach is a calm, soothing place to enjoy a sunset.

Gangasagar Pilgrimage & Fair

Gangasagar is part of one of the stunning riverine islands located on the southernmost tip of the Gangetic Plain, just off the Bengal coast and at the point where the river Ganga meets the Bay of Bengal. Gangasagar is a place of beauty as well as religious importance. Home to some of the most stunning beaches, it is famous for hosting the Gangasagar Mela, one of the most hallowed pilgrimages in the world. During the mela days, the island becomes a melting pot of culture and belief. Besides being a place for religion, Gangasagar is also a place of peace, calm, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Every year in January, during Makar Sankranti, the island sees a huge gathering of devotees from all parts of the country who come to take a dip in the holy waters.

Kapil Muni Temple

The temple dedicated to Saint Kapil Muni is the principal attraction in Sagardwip. After a holy dip in the water, pilgrims go to the temple to offer prayers to the deity. The Kapil Muni temple, along with four other temples, was destroyed in a storm in the 1960s. The Kapil Muni Temple was the only one that was restored. It is believed that after attaining salvation, Kapil Muni came back and passed on the divine knowledge to his mother on how to attain Nirvana. Kapil Muni is therefore worshipped by people to help them absolve their sins.

The Sagar Lighthouse

The Sagardwip has a lighthouse in the vicinity of the beach itself. The lighthouse gives you a beautiful view of the surrounding area and is open for tourists to access. Also, for all those photography fanatics, this lighthouse is the perfect place to capture snaps of this earthy town.

Bharat Seva Ashram

The Bharat Seva Ashram is a small ashram run by a non-profit trust in Gangasagar. The ashram has a small temple and offers accommodation to pilgrims and guests. The Ashram is one of the most trusted places for affordable rooms during the Gangasagar Mela.

Omkarnath Temple

The Omkarnath Temple is another very sacred temple at Gangasagar. The temple is dedicated to Lord Omkar and his teachings. Set amidst breath-taking greenery, the temple has a very peaceful atmosphere. It is rarely crowded, and one can pray here in peace, at their own pace.


Bakkhali is a small crescent-shaped beach town located on one of the most scenic deltaic islands in southern Bengal, under Namkhana Block. The beach covers an area of 8 km at a stretch, which provides one of the most beautiful views of sunrise and sunset. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Bakkhali Sea Beach provides a tranquil setting for reflection. Bishhalakshmi Temple is a place of significance, located at the extreme end of the beach.

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Sajnekhali is the gateway to the Sundarbans and houses the head office of the Forest Department, covering approximately 6,110 hectares of land under Gosaba Block. The watchtowers remain the most popular because of their proximity to the resorts in the Sundarbans area. A panoramic view of the Sundarbans can be seen from the Sajnekhali watch tower, which is a natural delight. A nature interpretation centre, a Bono Bibi Temple, and a crocodile park are built in the Sajnekhali watchtower complex. According to the 2004 government census, 27 tigers have been spotted in the area. Apart from tigers, the Sajnekhali forest also offers shelter to animals like fishing cats, wild boar, Macaques, flying foxes, Chital, Pangolin and others. The most sought-after sights that a bird watcher can witness are the seven colourful species of the Kingfisher, the White-bellied Sea Eagle, Plovers, Lap-Wings, Curfews, Whimprels, Sandpipers, and the occasional pelican.

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